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Marebucks, streaming around the world.

Hi, thanks for visiting us. We're just a small platform streaming some cartoons.
The reason why this website was created is because watching new episodes (or getting the ones with English audio) is hard outside the US, without using a VPN.

Since the content provided in this website is free, please understand that this might be illegal for you and PLEASE support official sources!
If you just want to watch the latest episode that is unavailable online or in physical stores in your country, go ahead but buy that episode, the volume or season pack later to support the studio and the people doing awesome stuff for you to enjoy. <3

We now have a blog, click here!

Some informations

New episodes will be added regularly, somewhere like during the next 7 days after the first air time. Don't keep asking when, because that's not going to speed things up.
If there's a problem, a question or you have some ideas, you can send us a tweet @Marebucks.
One-time donations aren't available (yet?). If you want to support us for the hosting, you might soon be able to make a donation (but not yet available).

The website is still not finished. Here's what we've planed:
  • Add alternative theme
  • Add RSS feed
  • Support translation in other languages (website)
  • Add English & French subtitles
  • Add more languages for subtitles?
  • Submit box for subtitles (any language)
  • Add votes
  • Add a blog
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